Sendai-based band MONKEY MAJIK, who are currently on their nationwide tour ‘MONKEY MAJIK JAPAN TOUR 2012‘, announced that they are releasing an English version best-of album. (Title, release date, and other detail are undecided)

This release idea was first revealed Maynard Plant(Vo・G)’s Twitter. At the celebration party after the Osaka concert on June 3rd, the band’s members and staff talked about this English best-of album, and Maynard tweet about it on his Twitter account. He wrote on his Twitter, “We are now having fun talking about the idea to create an album, which will include our singles in English. The celebration party is fun, because it will bring us many ideas!

Many fans retweeted his original tweet showing their positive response to the idea, and as a result, the recording label, binyl records, decided to go ahead with releasing such an album.

The track list will be decided by fans votes through their Facebook, so vote for your favorite songs HERE!


I’m not their big fan, but i love ただ、ありがとう (tada, arigatou) sooooooooo much!!! XD

So, I just voted for that song! ^^

omg… an English version of Aishiteru~!?  I would buy that in a heartbeat!

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    omg… an English version of Aishiteru~!? I would buy that in a heartbeat!
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    Okay, really though, why am I the last person to hear about all this juicy Monkey Majik news? I follow both Blaise and...
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